shopping while sick: probably not a good idea

Cross your fingers: I feel slightly more human. I’m pumped up on decongestants at the moment and I’ve been through a mound of cold lozenges – those zinc tablets are rather nasty but they definitely help, although I strongly advise that you avoid them on an empty stomach (ugh) – so I’m hoping I’ve turned the corner. Not that you necessarily need constant updates on my medical health but, hey, I don’t have anyone to complain to at home, so I’ll share with the world.

Besides stocking my medicine cabinet, I also made some returns and attempted to buy some travel clothes at the mall. I’m not sure I’m going to keep everything – sometimes I need to get something home and try it out with the rest of my wardrobe before I make up my mind to keep it – but I put a pretty good dent in the local Eddie Bauer. I go in cycles with that store. For the past few years, they didn’t have anything I really liked, so I stopped going in, but lately they’re back in my good graces. And I’ll be honest, I usually end up shopping there when I’m in my chunky phases (or what used to be a phase; I’m pretty sure the chunky butt is here to stay). The clothes aren’t quite my style – usually, I like a more structured and tailored look – but for summer and for travel, I found some good stuff.

Today, I was definitely in a brown phase; almost everything I got was a dark chocolate brown (they call it nutmeg – whatever). I got this jacket, in brown and in white – a nice cover-up for London, I thought – both of which look nice over this tank, in brown and black. This skirt was kind of cute, so it made the pile – in brown, of course – as well as an all-purpose black cardigan. I also got a pair of jeans (and can I say, this is such a great idea for women’s jeans – we have hips, people, work with them!). A few weeks ago, I bought this top – in magenta, white and blue – and this one – in green, white and light blue – good staples for the summer and fall.

Told you: I tried to buy out the store. Add to that, I bought a pair of Merrell shoes for city walking and I may not be able to shop again until Christmas. At some point, though, you just have to suck it up and buy the things you need and, I promise you, if you saw the state of my closet, you’d agree with me. So few things fit me anymore; I have stains and spots and tears on clothes that I’ve worn to death; and now that I have to teach 3 days a week this fall, I need a quantity of presentable clothes. Yes, I know, I’m trying to justify all the shopping. At least everything I bought (except the shoes) was on sale; I make it a point to avoid full price whenever possible!

I may or may not be out again tomorrow; is there anything left to buy? At the least, the toes need some work if they’re going to be seen in a different time zone. And then there’s the laundry and the sorting of the clothing options and the packing…


2 thoughts on “shopping while sick: probably not a good idea

  1. JustMe says:

    ooh, those eddie baur clothes are cute! i always thought they were more sporty so i never really shop there, but i like those jackets and tanks. and well, the shirts too…enjoy london!!

  2. RageyOne says:

    I love the jacket and the skirt. I don’t think I’ve ever shopped at Eddie Bauer. I may have to check them out for the jeans. I have a hard time finding jeans that fit over my hips and butt.

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