making a list and checking it thrice

I’m sure I have some introspective thoughts around here somewhere but, right now, it’s more a matter of getting shit done.

There’s no way I’ll get through everything but I’d like to get as much off my professional plate as possible before I leave: editor duties, manuscript revisions, email responses, grad student advising, service expectations.  The less I have hanging over my head, the better, since I’ll be picking up plenty of new work once I get to my new home.

One of the new projects waiting for me is determining what to do with a completed research study.  I fully intend to roll up my metaphorical sleeves and revisit the data; the analysis that’s come before has been piecemeal and stop-gap and, therefore, useless as a definitive determinate for the project.  I haven’t had the time or bandwidth to really focus on this project; my goal for the next nine months is to finally figure out what I’ve got.  So, I’m working on printing out and organizing all the data – because it’s harder to ignore mounds of paper.

That project is all well and good but I also have to teach, and that means putting together my classes. I have rough outlines but nothing definitive, since I’m not quite sure what I’m walking into over there.  Still, I need to commit a few ideas to paper in syllabus form before I leave so I have somewhere to start in a few weeks.  That means making sure I have the resources I need, too, since I’m taking nothing for granted: the PDFs need to be on my computer before I leave.

I’m still packing up the bits and pieces around the house that need to be safely distanced from potential lodgers.  Most of the living space is done; the kitchen is the next big project (because no one uses my grandmother’s dishes but me).  I did admit limited defeat and have someone come in today to help with cleaning. My windows have never been so sparkly (which says more about my housekeeping than their fantastic cleaning powers).

I needed help, in part, because I’m flying back to Home State this week for a very quick visit with my mom.  All told, I’ll be there about 30 hours, which may seem crazy but I really need to see my mom and dad again before I leave the country. I had planned to drive but rational thought returned this morning when I woke up and realized how much I need to do and how tired I am doing it.  Thankfully, airline miles were made for such purposes.

2 thoughts on “making a list and checking it thrice

  1. oldschoolprof says:

    You will get done all that you can, and you should feel good about that. Be in the now.

  2. Servetus says:

    Hang in there!

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