about 4 days left 

I had a small measure of success today: the guest room is decluttered; the bathroom closet is organized; the hall closet is half full. I’ve washed the bulk of my clothes; I’ve separated what goes from what stays; I’ve started packing up the clothes that will stay in a friend’s empty closet while I’m gone. 

This would all have been much easier if I wasn’t renting my house while I was gone. I need the income (see: mortgage) but it adds an extra layer of stress. As I’m trying to pack for my adventure, I’m also cleaning and organizing the house, trying to put away as much in the personal department as possible. I can appreciate that I’m getting rid of clutter and giving things a much needed clean but I would have enjoyed this more if I’d started a month ago. 

Yesterday was not pretty. I stayed up until an ungodly hour Monday night (the sun was coming up as I went to bed) so I didn’t have much sleep. I got up for a meeting on campus, only to find I had a flat tire. A friend gave me a ride in; another brought me home; in between, I had a frustrating meeting and finished printing out the materials I need to take with me. The rest of the afternoon was spent getting the tire changed and plugggrd – not what I had planned on doing with those hours. 

I knew I was tending toward the manic – no sleep? no food? lots of stress? not pretty – but it was even more evident when I crashed last night. Rockford came over to help me with a few little projects; they took him all of 10 minutes but at least I didn’t have to do them. He mentioned I looked tired when he got here; a few hours later, I was practically comatose. I can remember going to bed but I fell asleep while he was talking to me and slept like a rock most of the night. So, as busy as today was, at least I felt human. 


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  1. oldschoolprof says:

    You will feel so much better when you are over there.

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